I take the liberty to use it Andras Lengyel put out on facebook, the Barolo Boys website.
Here are some pictures from the fantastic test with Barolo Boys, which followed the interesting movie of the same name.
Hope all of you who were there to share her thoughts about the film and about the test.

Quote Andras:

Thank you for visiting Munskänkarna here in Gothenburg! Interesting movie and good wines! It Seems That The Number of people attending this event broke a record with us, 152 people in total including us “working” at the event. Here are some pictures from the event:

All the people at the event.

The “working crew” at the event.
Wine tasting in progress. Everybody Focusing on the wines in the glasses.
Silvia and Mats

Silvia with Bjorn kept at the front desk.

Preparing the plate with Italian specialties.

Below is even more pictures from Andras
Mingle wine Telemaco, made of grapes Bosco and Albarola.

Now it’s all the same 152 people in Göteborg who tried these grapes!
Mingelvin …

Food in current lines … It takes some work to prepare for a test.

Not to speak about the preparation to pour all the wines to 152 people!

The tasting
The wines !!




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